Price Transparency

Price Transparency

Price Transparency Commitment

St. Rose Hospital has become an advocate of transparency and pricing simplicity. Especially today, when so many people are uninsured or underinsured, it is important for individuals to have access to meaningful healthcare pricing information.

St. Rose Hospital is committed to assisting you in understanding your financial responsibilities related to medical services that you might receive at our hospital. Please understand that specific “gross” (also referred to as “standard”) charges provided on our website are our standard prices and do not necessarily reflect a patient’s actual financial responsibility; therefore, comparability of specific gross charges between hospitals may not be meaningful. If you have insurance, your responsibility in most cases is based upon contract rates and not charges. Your payment liability is further dependent on several factors including insurance coverage type, deductible amount, co-pays, coinsurance amounts, self-pay status, and/or eligibility and qualification under financial assistance programs.

We recommend that you speak with your health insurer to assist you in determining your financial responsibility for any service you are considering or any service that may be provided to you at our hospital. St. Rose also provides resources to assist in explanation of your health care benefits, providing an estimate of your financial responsibility, and to provide information on our financial assistance program and other discounts that may be available for planned services by calling 510-780-4342 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays.

Our Chargemaster (CDM)

A chargemaster, also known as charge description master or CDM, is a comprehensive listing of items that could potentially be billed to a patient, insurance company or another responsible party.

Federal law requires hospitals to make public a list of gross charges; payer-specific negotiated rates, and discounted cash prices for hospital items and services. St. Rose Hospital is providing this required information in the link below in a good faith effort to comply with this rule, but cannot make any representation regarding the accuracy, sufficiency, or completeness of this information for any user’s purposes, including but not limited to (1) comparisons of charges or rates between hospitals, (2) comparisons of rates between payers, (3) estimating the charges or rates associated with a particular item or service, (4) estimating patient cost-sharing amounts (copayments, coinsurance, or deductibles) for a particular item or service, and (5) determining the hospital’s network participation with any payer.

With respect to the file contained in the links provided below:

  • Pharmacy charges listed are only an average charge for a particular medication. Pharmacy charges are dependent on the cost of the medication at the time of purchase from that specific vendor. Pharmacy billing algorithms are based on cost and are dependent on the patient dose, charge requirements (including HCPCS units) and workload requirements. The dose is extremely variable among patients.
  • They do not contain information concerning any health plan or insurer’s coverage of any item or service.
  • They do not contain information concerning any patient’s expected copayments, deductible amounts, or coinsurance obligations.
  • They do not contain information concerning financial assistance and other discounts that may be available to eligible individuals.
  • They only include information for hospital items and services and do not include the rates for professional services provided by physicians or other practitioners.
  • They were last updated on the date shown within the files and do not reflect any changes to charges, rates, network participation, or other data elements following the date shown.

The hyperlink below displays our chargemaster (CDM) in Excel format. The CDM includes our standard charges with the item number, item description and charge amount.