Community Benefit

Community Benefit

Each year, St. Rose Hospital provides a host of innovative and impactful community benefit programs and services to underserved and underinsured residents. St. Rose Hospital community benefit programs and activities are designed to:

  • Meet the specific health care needs of targeted populations
  • Expand availability of health care to those who need it most
  • Provide health information and education resources
  • Offer financial support to increase community clinic outreach
  • Teach participants about healthy lifestyles and the importance of staying healthy

These programs were developed to ensure that we meet the needs of the community.

State of Community Hospitals

St. Rose Hospital, along with other community hospitals, is in great need of additional county funding to ensure we can continue to serve our community. The video hyperlinked below was created to show the public why the current financial state of community hospitals is dire and why these hospitals are in distress. It also explains the impact the ACA (Affordable Care Act) will have on these hospitals.

Watch a video of the The Health of Community Hospitals from KRS Media