St. Rose Hospital is governed by a local Board of Directors to ensure quality medical care for the community. They also serve in an advisory and oversight capacity to the medical staff and hospital administration. In large part, St. Rose Hospital owes its success to the ongoing efforts of its dedicated and distinguished​ board members.​


Board of Directors

Chief Garrett Contreras
Chair, Board of Directors,
Fire Chief, City of Hayward, CA

Jay Harris
Board Member

Michael Marchiano, M.D.
Board Member

Fred Naranjo
Board Member

Katrina Rosseini
Board Member

Li Kuo Kong, M.D.
Ex-Officio Board Member
St. Rose Hospital’s Chief of Staff, Medical Staff President

Executive Management

Lex Reddy
President and CEO

Matt Williams
Chief Financial Officer

Anju Bhatia, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer

Shirley Joseph, R.N.
Chief Nursing Officer

Michael Cobb
Director of Marketing