St. Rose believes in attracting and retaining highly skilled individuals.  To that end, we offer highly competitive salaries and compensation packages.   Our generous employee benefits are open to employees working at least 32 hours per week include:


At St. Rose, we use the most up to date salary data based on surveys of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Salaries for represented positions are also governed by a collective bargaining agreement between Teamsters Local Union 856 and St. Rose Hospital.

Medical Benefits

St. Rose employees are covered by the Anthem Blue Cross of California Preferred Provider Network, one of the largest networks in the state. You can also gain access to doctors and hospitals nationwide.

You’ll have a choice of two Blue Cross health plans:

  • Base Plan
  • Premium Plan

To see if your current doctors are in the Blue Cross Preferred Provider Network, call (800) 274-7767 or visit

Prescription Drug Benefits

St. Rose employees are covered by a prescription drug program that is provided by CVS/Caremark, a national provider with a large network of retail pharmacies. You can also take advantage of a money-saving mail-order prescription drug program. If you have any questions regarding covered drugs, please call (866) 475-0056 or visit

Dental Benefits

St. Rose offers employees a choice of two dental plans through Delta Dental:

  • Base Plan. This plan requires no employee contribution, and has an annual deductible.
  • Premium Plan. This plan requires a monthly employee contribution, and has no annual deductible.

For both the Basic and Premium Plans, you’ll obtain the highest level of benefits by seeing a dentist in the Delta PPO network. To see if your dentist is in the Delta PPO network, go to

Vision Coverage

Every enrolled employee receiving medical benefits through St. Rose is eligible to receive one vision exam per calendar year, up to an $80 allowance. Allowances for exams, lenses and/or frames are not subject to the medical deductible.

You’ll have a choice of two vision plans:

  • Base Plan. Under this plan, you receive up to an $80 allowance per year to put toward one vision exam. Lenses and frames are not covered.
  • Premium Plan. Under this plan, you receive up to an $80 allowance per year to put toward one vision exam per year, plus up to a $150 allowance every two years to put toward one pair of lenses or frames.

Life Insurance

Basic Life Insurance

Through Sun Life Financial Services, St. Rose offers all full-time employees basic life insurance, equal to one year’s earnings, to their designated beneficiary. The minimum benefit is $15,000 and the maximum is $500,000.

Voluntary Life Insurance

Sun Life Financial Services also offers Voluntary Life Insurance and Dependent Life Insurance. You may purchase:

  • Voluntary coverage up to $500,000 ($240,000 guaranteed issue at time of hire or when newly benefited)
  • Dependent insurance for your spouse up to $100,000 ($30,000 guaranteed issue)
  • Dependent coverage for your children up to age 21 for $2,000 or $10,000 (amounts over guaranteed issue require approval from ING Financial).

Flexible Spending Accounts

St. Rose offers employees two optional pre-tax flexible accounts: the Health Care Spending Account, and the Dependent Care Spending Account. Each year, you decide if you want to enroll in neither, either, or both of these plans, and how much you want to contribute. Your contributions will be automatically deducted from your paycheck in equal installments.

Health Care Spending Account

Although the St. Rose medical and dental plans will cover the majority of your expenses, you may need to pay for some things not covered by the plan, such as deductibles and co-pays for office visits and prescriptions. A Health Care Spending Account lets you set aside up to $2500 in pre-tax dollars from your paycheck each year to help cover these out-of-pocket expenses.

Dependent Care Spending Account

This account lets you pay for certain dependent care expenses using up to $5000 in pre-tax dollars per year. To receive benefits, you must first pay for the care of a qualified dependent, defined as 1) you claim them on your federal tax return, and 2) the dependent is either under age 13, or physically or mentally unable to care for themselves; this includes care for a disabled spouse or elder care for parents living with you.

You can open a Dependent Care Spending Account if you have a qualified dependent and:

  • You’re single and work, or
  • You’re married and you and your spouse work outside of the home, and/or your spouse is a full-time student for at least 5 months of the calendar year, or
  • Your spouse is physically or mentally disabled and unable to care for your eligible dependent.

For both the Health Care Spending Account and the Dependent Care Spending Account, claims for expenses must be submitted within 90 days at the end of the plan year (December 31), or any amount left in your account will be forfeited.

For a complete list of eligible expenses, go to:

403(b) TSA Retirement Savings Plan

St. Rose offers all employees a 403(b)/TSA retirement savings plan. Similar to a company 401(k) plan, this voluntary program lets you save toward your retirement by investing pre-tax dollars in tax-deferred investments. You make these contributions through payroll deductions, before federal and state taxes are calculated.

The St. Rose 403(b)/TSA retirement savings plan is administered by Transamerica. Representatives from the company are available to answer your questions at any time.