St. Rose Hospital Transition Update November 2012

A notice of request to enter into a management agreement and asset purchase between St. Rose Hospital and Alecto Healthcare Services Hayward LLC was delivered to the Office of the Attorney General on November 1, 2012.

The proposed transaction includes a commitment by Alecto to keep the mission of St. Rose Hospital the same, and to continue to serve the diverse community as it has for 50 years.   The Hospital will continue to accept all forms of insurance including Commercial, Medicare, Medi-Cal.  The valued Medical Staff will remain open and independent as they are currently structured.  Alecto has also committed to working collaboratively with employees, current labor unions and management to ensure the best quality patient care experience.

Alecto Healthcare Services Hayward LLC is a newly formed healthcare company whose vision focuses on the ways in which health care should be managed in California’s current climate of healthcare reform.  Through its commitment to integrity and innovation, Alecto seeks to ensure that St. Rose Hospital will provide health care to the community for generations to come.