Safe Transitions: The Project RED Experience

St. Rose Hospital is one of many hospitals in the nation to adopt Project RED to facilitate the reduction of patient readmission rates. Project RED is a grant funded program through the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, aiming to reduce the hospital’s 30-day all cause readmission rate by 30% by the end of 2013.

Project RED is short for Project Re-Engineered Discharge. As the title suggests, the project focuses heavily on enhancing patient discharge and post-discharge care. Increasing patient education, communication and discharge planning are the key elements of Project RED.

On October 9th, Dr. Suzanne Mitchell presented the Project RED program, originally founded by Dr. Brian Jack (Boston University Medical Center), to approximately 50 hospital employees.  

Dr. Mitchell did a wonderful job of training the attendees on the importance of the project and how it should be practiced. The attendees enjoyed an upbeat lecture, fun role play sessions, a nice lunch, and a great discussion on how to implement the project at St. Rose Hospital. The day wrapped up with a raffle drawing and a few of the lucky trainees went home with prizes.

Currently, Project RED is in the preliminary stages of implementation at St. Rose Hospital and will be fully implemented in the Medical Surgical Department by the end of the year. The goal is to promote higher levels of patient education, enhance the discharge process, and institute more personalized patient care.

For more information on Project RED, please contact the Project Coordinator at (510) 264-4000 x5080.