Quality-Based Initiatives

Quality-Based Initiatives

Elective Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) Program
St. Rose Hospital at the forefront of Cardiac Care

St. Rose Hospital is one of six hospitals statewide that was selected in 2010 to participate in a three-year pilot project by the State of California to research improvements in cardiac care.  As a participating pilot hospital, St. Rose will be expanding its cardiology services to provide greater access to a less invasive cardiac intervention.  Upon completion of the program, the results of the study will be published and recommendations will be submitted to the California Legislature.

For information concerning a public notice for PCI program, click here.

Integrated Nurse Leadership Program (INLP)
St. Rose Hospital is one of the nine hospitals in the Bay Area to participate in the Medication Administration Error Elimination Program. Developed through the Integrated Nurse Leadership Program (INLP), this program allows for a multi-hospital collaboration to establish practices designed to reduce medication errors and enhance patient safety.

The hospital’s medication safety improvement initiatives are based on establishing practices designed to reduce errors and achieve the best care and outcomes for patients. Our membership with INLP and participation with Medication Error Elimination Project speaks to our continued commitment to patient safety and quality care.

For information concerning a public notice for INLP program, click here.