Radiation & Oncology Services

Radiation & Oncology Services

St. Rose Hospital uses the most advanced technologies and techniques to provide minimally invasive procedures and access to innovative, research-based approaches and treatment plans. Also, with the Alameda Radiation Oncology Center (510-732-6930) located on the St. Rose Hospital campus and the enhancement of our Diagnostic Imaging Services at St. Rose Hospital, our patients have access to the most progressive cancer screening tools and treatment modalities.

St. Rose Hospital is proud to publish our Annual Cancer Program Report to the public.  Each year our cancer committee develops and disseminates a statistical report of patient or program outcomes. This report currently includes survival data on non-small cell lung cancer and accountability measures which are standards of care based on clinical trial evidence. We have identified ongoing goals to enhance disease identification and improve patient assistance. The American Cancer Society offers telephone support classes to cancer patients and caregivers. To register, please call (800) 227-2345.

Our team brings experience and expertise in a range of disciplines and the team’s collaboration strengthens the individual treatment plan, encourages patient involvement and ensures a continuous flow of communication. This underlying spirit of cooperation fosters a climate of trust and concern that is conducive to healing.

For more information about Cancer Services at St. Rose Hospital, please call (510) 264-4281.

Alameda Radiation Oncology
Ranu Bahl, MD
Michael Bastasch, MD
Lisa Boohar, MD
Yeeyie Fogarty, MD