Hospital Transition: Q&A’s

Hospital Transition: Q&A’s

St. Rose Hospital has been a vital part of the community for fifty years, beginning in 1962 sponsored by the Sister of St. Joseph of Wichita through Via Christi Health System.  In 2005 with the approval of the State of California, the hospital separated from Via Christi to become an independent not-for-profit community hospital. 

Today, St. Rose Hospital is struggling with financial difficulties and is at risk.  After much deliberation The Board of Trustees made a decision based on two criteria: that the hospital remains open and the mission remains intact.  A letter of intent has been executed for the acquisition of St. Rose Hospital by Alecto Healthcare Services LLC. 

A press release was published to communicate our transition.  However, we intend to provide as much information as we can to address questions that you may have.


Who is Alecto Healthcare Services LLC?

Alecto Healthcare Services LLC is a newly formed healthcare company whose vision focuses on the ways in which health care should be managed in California’s current climate of healthcare reform.  Through its commitment to integrity and innovation, Alecto seeks to improve upon the health care infrastructure in California one hospital at a time.


What is the time frame for the completion of the transition?

Possibly 60-90 days pending approval from the California Attorney General.


Will the Name of the Hospital Change?

No, it will continue to be St. Rose Hospital.


Will we still have the same mission?

The proposed transaction includes a commitment by Alecto to preserve the mission of St. Rose Hospital to provide quality health care to our community with respect, compassion and professionalism, and to continue providing the historical level of charity care.


Will we continue to be a safety-net hospital?

St. Rose Hospital has been the safety-net hospital for Hayward and the surrounding communities and will continue to do so as we move forward.


Will we provide the same health care services?

The Plan is to continue current services and look to expand services based on community needs.  The hospital will continue to accept all forms of insurance including Commercial, Medicare, Medi-Cal and members of the community who are uninsured.


What will happen to the St. Rose Medical Staff?

There would be no change in the Medical Staff.